Comprehensive Environmental Training and Education Program (CETEP), Environmental Management System (EMS) Program, and Range and Hazardous Waste Program Support, Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Yuma, AZ.

This task order was for providing CETEP and EMS training support, and investigative support and RCRA hazardous waste sampling.

The purpose of this task order is to provide CETEP, EMS program, and Range and Hazardous Waste Program Support at MCAS Yuma, Arizona, for Camp Billy Machen California, Barry Goldwater Range Arizona, and Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range California. CETEP support includes curriculum development, training, and material and equipment. EMS support includes assessment and prioritization of risks, assist with EMS audit, Standard Operating Procedure development, and updating EMS manual. Range and Hazardous Waste support includes response to contamination issues and associated plans, reports, and documentation.

This task involved the preparation of an Accident Prevention Plan, a Site-specific Safety and Health Plan, and an Activity Hazardous Analyses for use on the Range and Hazardous Waste Program support portion of the project. A Work Plan and Sampling and Analysis Plan were also developed and approved to guide this portion of the project. The documents were used for safety compliance for soil and groundwater sampling and hazardous waste removal and disposal at the MCAS Yuma Munitions Treatment Range and the investigation of eight Solid Waste management Units and a 90-day Hazardous Waste Accumulation point. Additionally, they guided safety at an asbestos tile release at the MCAS Yuma Theatre and a pilot study to recycle an illicit concrete disposal area adjacent to the runway at MCAS Yuma. Asbestos-containing ceiling tile and asbestos-containing transite pipe were removed from the site by qualified professionals using personal protective equipment, encapsulated, and disposed of an appropriate disposal facility. Once the transite pipe was removed from the site, the remaining concrete was crushed in accordance with State of Arizona Air Permits and recycled into road base for use on numerous construction project at MCAS Yuma. The pilot study to recycle the concrete into road base was deemed as innovative way to deal with illicit concrete disposal sites in the area and was recommended for future dumping scenarios.