Post-Closure Inspection and Maintenance (PCIM) and Reporting Activities, Site 7, Naval Weapons Station (NWS) Seal Beach, CA.

For this task order, GCE performed inspection and periodic maintenance of landfill at IRP Site 7. Annual PCIM Reports were prepared for each rain season.

The Regional Water Quality Control Board - Santa Ana Region (RWQCB) required the resumption of Post-Closure Inspection and Maintenance (PCIM) and reporting activities at the Former Station Landfill, Installation Restoration Program (IRP) Site 7. This site is a closed landfill that is approximately 9 acres in size and located near the southeast area of NWS Seal Beach, CA. The Navy requested that annual PCIM be conducted in accordance with the PCIM Plan that was approved by the Navy and the lead regulatory agencies. The primary objective of the PCIM was to perform 2 years of additional inspections of the landfill cover, including the drainage and the vegetation, and maintenance of these elements. The work also included the inspection of the landfill cover, drainage, and vegetative cover following heavy rainfalls to document any damage, settlement, ponding or erosion of the landfill cover, and recommending and conducting the necessary repairs to the cover and the vegetation, as per the approved PCIM Plan. Annual Reports were prepared and submitted to the Navy and the RWQCB for review and approval. In addition to the IRP Site 7 PCIM and Reporting activities, meeting support was provided during the biannual Remedial Project Manager (RPM) and Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) Meetings. The RPM Meetings are between the Navy RPM, Station Installation Coordinator, Regulatory Agency project Managers (PMs), and contractor PMs to go over the status of ongoing environmental restoration projects at the Station. The RAB Meetings were held between RPM meeting members, community leaders, and local agency representatives, and serves as a community outreach program for the Station.