Site 5, Unit 2 Proposed Plan, Record of Decision (ROD) and Post-ROD Documents, Naval Air Station (NAS) North Island, Coronado, CA.

This task order includes the preparation of an Alternative Concentration Level modeling report along with Proposed Plan, Record of Decision, Maintenance and Monitoring Plan (MMP), including a Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) and Land Use Control Remedial Design (LUC RD) for Site 5 Unit 2.

The objective of this task order was to prepare a Proposed Plan identifying the preferred alternative, a ROD documenting the remedy selected for the site, a Land Use Control Remedial Design (LUCRD), and an Monitoring and Maintenance Plan (MMP) for implementing and maintaining the selected remedy.

Proposed Plan

This task included the development of a Proposed Plan for Installation Restoration Site 5, Unit 2. It was assumed that the preferred alternative is Monitored Natural Attenuation for this site and the Proposed Plan was focused on this alternative. GCE prepared the Proposed Plan in accordance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), State of California, and Navy guidance. GCE also provided provide materials and support for the Proposed Plan public meeting. This support included preparing a PowerPoint presentation, preparing a newspaper public notice, providing a court reporter, and coordination of the meeting location.

Record of Decision Preparation

A ROD was prepared for Site 5, Unit 2 based on the Proposed Plan described above. It was assumed that Monitored Natural Attenuation will be the preferred alternative, that regulatory acceptance has been obtained, and remediation goals are not being disputed. GCE prepared a ROD in accordance with US EPA and Navy guidance.

Land Use Control Implementation Plan/Maintenance and Monitoring Plan

This task consisted of the preparation of a LUC RD and an MMP to facilitate implementation of the selected Remedy for the site. GCE prepared a Sampling and Analysis Plan as an appendix to the MMP. GCE prepared each of these plans in accordance with US EPA, State of California, and Navy guidance.