Construction Projects
Grading and Other Surface Earthwork

Aquila Recovery Site and Access Road

Yuma Proving Ground (YPG), Yuma, AZ

The Aquila Recovery Site included the design and construction of a solar powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle landing recovery pad. This was a vital component of a worldwide project sponsored by Facebook to bring Internet access to people living in remote locations. Under subcontract, GCE designed and constructed a 5-acre circular landing pad, an aggregate base course (ABC) access road, a parking area, and a truck turn-around area. The access road construction was particularly challenging due to existing soil conditions. The site design included strategic placement along a topographic high to facilitate site drainage to the new retention basins. Additionally, GCE prepared the APP, SWPPP, QCP, and EPP prior to construction. GCE worked closely with YPG personnel to ensure every detail of this unique project was addressed to ensure successful project completion.