Construction Projects
Roadways (Paving and Concrete)

Building 1450 Parking Lot Repair

Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC), Twentynine Palms, CA

GCE was subcontracted to construct a new parking area adjacent to an existing concrete canal at MCAGCC, Twentynine Palms, CA. The project included the placement of 1,475 square yards (SY) of asphalt and concrete for the parking lot at Building 1450 and all associated signage and striping.

GCE mobilized on site by bringing in-house equipment including a 2000-gallon water truck, a JD 310 Backhoe, a JD 210 Gannon Loader, a DD24 Wheel Roller, and a 672GP Grader. Upon verification of the location of all existing utilities, GCE performed the demolition that consisted of removing all existing asphalt, concrete, and aggregate base course (ABC) located within the project limits (approximately 1,475 SY), then excavating existing base materials to proper elevations and dimensions to ensure proper drainage. Dust abatement was managed with our 2000-gallon water truck. All embedded materials were inspected and approved before the start of concrete placing. New work consisted of backfill and fill material meeting all compaction percentages per ASTM specifications. GCE verified substrates to be level and existing concrete had clean vertical edges where joined by construction following U.S. Navy guidelines and CALTRANS specifications for concrete, submittals, and procedures.

Additional site improvements included repairing and extending the walls of the adjacent concrete canal. This included the installation of new subgrade base material and compaction, grading to new elevations to ensure smooth transition, installation of 4 inches of asphalt in 2 lifts that met CALTRANS specifications and procedures, installation of new concrete curb and cast in place concrete drainage ditch slope to tie into the existing concrete drainage ditch.

GCE finalized the site improvements with installation of parking signage and striping per the plan set and adjusting all utility covers to final grade. Upon completion, redlines were delivered to the prime contractor as as-builts for submittal to the government. The prime contractor and base personnel were pleased with GCE for completing the project ahead of schedule and with no interruptions to base activities.