Construction Projects
Water Transport, Drainage, and Sewer

Building 2210 Parking Lot and Drainage Improvement

Yuma Proving Ground (YPG), Yuma, AZ

Building 2210 was located in the path of stormwater flow, that caused Building 2210 to undergo flooding during storm events and over the years caused mold contamination. GCE prepared a topographic survey of the site, and with a thorough review of the hydrological study, regraded the site to redirect the stormwater around Building 2210. This was conducted by installing a new concrete valley gutter incorporated into the parking lot and constructing a series of detention basins that collected stormwater so that the general drainage pattern of the area continued to flow southeasterly. The parking lot was replaced with new asphalt concrete  pavement, and a new reinforced concrete tank crossing was constructed.