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Construction Inspector/Representative Support

U.S.-Mexico Border Wall, Hidalgo and Luna Counties, NM

GCE was awarded a subcontract to provide Senior Quality Assurance Representative (QAR) construction support services for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) on two segments of the U.S.-Mexico border wall. The USACE projects, named El Paso 2 and 8, were located in Hidalgo and Luna Counties in New Mexico and were described as follows:

  • El Paso 2. Replacement of 19 miles of vehicle barriers with new pedestrian fencing in noncontiguous segments within Hidalgo and Luna Counties, New Mexico.
  • El Paso 8. Construction of approximately 6 miles of a new primary pedestrian fence system in place of existing vehicle barriers, and construction of approximately 6 miles of a new secondary pedestrian fence system.

GCE's QAR provided inspection of work in place and reviewed the construction contractor's submittals to provide an opinion or recommendation to the Government as to whether work is in full compliance with the contract plans and specifications. GCE also provided inspection of the construction contractor's on-site plant (storage yards and temporary facilities), materials and equipment, to provide an opinion or recommendation to the Government as to status of full compliance with contract plans, specifications, USACE EM 385-1-1, and OSHA requirements. GCE also observed the construction contractor's and subcontractor's performance of work, to provide an opinion or recommendation to the Government.

GCE provided technical support to include reviewing construction contractor pay requests as to whether the pay requests accurately reflect the percentage of construction accomplished during the period covered by the pay requests. GCE processed the construction contractor submittals, provided estimates and schedules, and provided recommendations on how to correct deficiencies.