Civil Engineering Projects
Remedial Design

In-Situ Remediation of Fuel Pipeline Release

Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Yuma, AZ

GCE was the Prime Contractor and designer for this design/build project, which resulted from the discharge of 70,000 gallons of JP-8 fuel from a runway hydrant system. Responsibilities included the successful implementation and completion of pipeline repairs and the design, installation, and operation of the remediation system. GCE coordinated all efforts of the pipeline repair including the topographic survey of the site, geotechnical investigation, excavation, shoring design, repair of pipeline, and backfill operations. For the remediation portion, GCE prepared the design of the compound including concrete pad design, mechanical design, piping layout, fencing and electrical installation. GCE subsequently designed and installed a free product recovery system and soil vapor extraction system with a catalytic oxidizer to target all identified areas of need. The system was designed to fall within the requirements of MCAS Yuma's Class II air permit. The remediation system has operated effectively for many years since initial startup. The system has successfully recovered more than 24,000 gallons of JP-8 fuel from the subsurface and removed over 6,000 pounds of volatile organic compounds via soil vapor extraction.