Construction Projects
Roadways (Paving and Concrete)

Left Turn Lane, Imperial Dam Road, Yuma Proving Ground (YPG),

Yuma, AZ

As the Prime contractor on this design/build project, GCE was responsible the design and construction of a new 1,500 linear feet left turn lane on Imperial Dam Road at the YPG. The purpose of the project was to alleviate traffic concerns caused by a new visitor center built to serve as a central location to obtain badges for base access, as well as for tourists visiting the Wahner Brook Memorial Site.

Once GCE completed the design process and prior to beginning field construction activities, GCE prepared all planning documents including the Accident Prevention Plan, Quality Control Plan, Environmental Protection Plan, Storm water Pollution Prevention Plan, and Traffic Control Plan. Our Superintendent and Quality Control personnel prepared the project schedule using Microsoft Project, and all construction submittals. The Site Safety and Health Officer conducted daily safety briefings and we provided daily and weekly reports to the USACE.

GCE self-performed the demolition, subgrade preparation, grading, compaction, and aggregate base course (ABC) placement. To begin construction, the traffic control was put in place per our plans to ensure continued access throughout construction of this heavily used main entrance road to YPG. Our in-house surveyors performed construction staking for the project. Once the initial staking was complete, our crews sawcut the edge of the north side of the existing roadway to ensure proper abutment to the existing pavement. Excess soil was removed with our 613C Scraper and stockpiled on-site. The roadbed was scarified and moisture conditioned using our 672 GP Grader equipped with TopCon GPS System and our 2000-gallon water truck. Compaction was established with our CAT CW14 Rubber Tire Roller. Once subgrade moisture and compaction were established, 11 inches of ABC was installed in two 4-inch lifts and one 3-inch lift to meet compaction requirements on the roadway and shoulders. For the asphalt placement we solicited bids from three local subcontractors to obtain the best value for the government (Note: GCE has since acquired the equipment to do this in-house). The project was completed with striping and signage installation in accordance with the design criteria. Upon completion of the project GCE completed as-builts and provided a written warranty to the government.