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Phase 1 and 2 Site Assessment

Commercial Location, Oceanside, CA

GCE conducted a Phase 1 and 2 Site Assessment at a commercial property in Oceanside, CA. Vapor intrusion sampling was conducted to assess current conditions inside the building for current and future occupants, as well as around the outside perimeter of the building, to provide recommendations for potential reuse of the property as residential or industrial. The assessment also attempted to determine if the subject property could be the source of any subsurface contamination. Tasks included, but were not limited to: 

  • Geophysical survey of entire site to screen for underground storage tanks, piping, and other subsurface utilities including labor. This was also used to clear locations for direct push sampling for soil gas sampling.
  • Groundwater sampling and analysis at five on-site monitoring wells.
  • Direct push soil gas sampling and analysis at four locations around the perimeter of the building. This included concrete coring and site restoration.
  • Soil vapor intrusion sampling and analysis at four locations within the building.
  • Phase 2 Report detailing the results of the investigation.