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Quality Assurance Data Review Support, Sediment Characterization for Fuel Pier, Pier 5000, and Pier 5002 Maintenance Dredging

Naval Base Point Loma (NBPL), San Diego, CA

GCE was subcontracted to provide quality assurance (QA) data review of analytical data results from sediment cores collected in support of proposed maintenance dredging and piling removal adjacent to the NBPL Fuel Pier, and maintenance dredging the NBPL Piers 5000 and 5002 Inner Berths. The QA and review of analytical data (from two laboratories) was for accuracy, consistency, and validity, and included aquatic tissue bioaccumulation chemical testing, sediment toxicity testing, and sediment chemical testing. analytical data packages from two laboratories

GCE provided QA cursory data review equivalent of up to Stage 2B of the United States Department of Defense (DoD), General Data Validation Guidelines. Pursuant to the General Data Validation Guideline, Stages 1, 2A, and 2B, consist of the following steps.

  • Stage 1: A verification and validation conducted only on completeness and compliance of sample specific information and field quality control (QC): field sample identification and target analytes verified against the chain of custody for completeness; sample conditions upon arrival at laboratory noted; sample preservation was appropriate and verified by the laboratory; holding times were met; concentrations and units for limits of detection and quantitation were appropriate; trip blanks, field blanks, equipment blanks, and field duplicates met project requirements for frequency and field quality control.
  • Stage 2A: Stage 1 validation plus evaluation of preparatory batch QC results: method blanks, laboratory control samples, matrix spikes, laboratory duplicates, surrogates (organics), serial dilutions, post digestion spikes (as appropriate to the method), and any preparatory batch cleanup QC to assure project requirements for analyte spike list, frequency, and quality control limits are met.
  • Stage 2B: Stage 2A validation plus evaluation of instrument-related QC results including Instrument Performance Samples: Tunes, breakdown standard check results, peak tailing factors (if applicable), instrument initial calibration summaries (including response factors and any regression summaries), initial calibration verification and continuing calibration verification summaries, internal standards, initial and continuing calibration blank summaries, confirmation of positive results for second column or detector including percent difference between the two analytical concentrations that are greater than the detection limit, and interference check samples to assure project requirements for frequency and quality control criteria are met.