Construction Projects
Roadways (Paving and Concrete)

Repair Taxiways F and G and Runway 12/30

Naval Air Facility (NAF) El Centro, CA

The airfields at NAF El Centro were in urgent need of repair to continue military operations. Taxiways F and G are both asphaltic pavement and present foreign object damage or debris (FOD) hazards due to cracking, raveling of the aging pavement, uneven surface, and obscured pavement markings. Runway 12/30 is also in need of repair due to extensive use and exposure to the harsh desert climate. It is constructed of rigid concrete pavement and presented problems due to extensive cracking and deteriorated joint sealant.

This project was completed by GCE and included preparation of all planning documents, including Accident Prevention Plan, Site Safety and Health Plan and Activity Hazard Analyses. Other planning documents included a traffic control plan prepared in accordance with guidelines for the proper placement of all field barricades for temporary runway closure.

Extensive coordination took place to minimize airfield interruptions due to construction. The rehabilitation of Taxiways F and G was successfully completed and included cold milling 2 inches of existing pavement, replacing the asphalt with approved asphaltic pavement, and restriping. The project also included compaction testing and coring the new pavement for lab testing.

The rehabilitation of Runway 12/30 included removing FOD from existing cracks and placing the approved sealant material within all specified cracks. This sealant application process was followed with complete sweeping of the airfield upon placement of new sealant material.