Construction Projects
Water Transport, Drainage, and Sewer

Sludge Drying Beds, Building 33832

Marine Corps Base (MCB) Camp Pendleton, CA

To maintain the wastewater treatment plant located in Area 33, GCE was tasked with providing the supervision, labor, materials, and equipment necessary to rehabilitate three sludge drying beds. This project included pumping down the existing liquid sludge to allow drying of the beds, removal of material, and disposal in the MCB Camp Pendleton landfill. Also included was demolition of existing concrete ramps and the under-drain system in each sludge bed, extending the ramp openings, and reconstructing head walls with concrete. The new under-drain system consisted of 6-inch PVC perforated pipe and 8-inch PVC branch lines complete with manhole tie-ins, clean-outs, sawcut and replacement of adjacent paved areas, and installation of new filter media.