Civil Engineering Projects
Task Order Contracts

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Performance Oriented Construction Activity (POCA) Contract

Yuma, AZ

GCE was the Civil Engineering design lead for several task orders under this POCA Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity Contract, including:

  • For the Oasis Landing Zone, GCE developed a new civil site plan and grading plan for a 26-acre brown-out research and development area. GCE prepared a topographic survey, performed a drainage analysis, and sized on-site retention basins. GCE also prepared the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, Quality Control Plan, and Environmental Protection Plan. 
  • The Aquila Recovery Site Project was a vital component of a worldwide project sponsored by Facebook to bring internet access to people living in remote locations. GCE designed a solar powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle landing pad, access road, and retention basins.
  • GCE was the civil design lead for the Building 2210 Parking Lot and Drainage Improvement. GCE completed a topographic survey and coring of existing pavement areas at the beginning of the project to aid in design. Upon thorough review of hydrological studies and survey information, GCE designed the site surrounding Building 2210 to drain around the building. This included the design of a new concrete valley gutter and regrading of the parking area to achieve positive drainage. A total of five detention basins and drainage swales were also designed at various locations to divert storm water, as necessary. The project also included the design of a military tank crossing engineered to withstand the weight of the large armored vehicles that are maintained at Building 2210.