Construction Projects
Vertical Construction

VMU Compound, Cannon Air Defense Complex (CADC)

Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Yuma, AZ

GCE was subcontracted to perform a design-build to install power to the VMU compound (aka, Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron) and construct a facility building at CADC at MCAS Yuma, AZ. After completing the civil engineering design plans, GCE constructed a 10-foot x 30-foot concrete masonry unit (CMU) building with concrete foundation, fully insulated, with steel framed roof framing and metal roofing system. The building roof assembly was constructed of cold-formed metal joists, sheathing, a pre-finished sheet metal roofing system and insulation. The concrete slab-on-grade was sealed and sloped to emergency floor drains in each of the rooms. The building exterior walls were constructed of 8 feet high x 8 feet x 16 feet colored split-face CMU and fully grouted. All exterior walls were furred on the interior side and insulated. The building interior was partitioned into three rooms consisting of two unisex Americans with Disabilities Act -compliant restrooms and one electrical/communications room.

All interior exposed wall surfaces in restrooms were finished with fiberglass reinforced plastic panels. All interior ceilings consisted of suspended grid ceiling systems with ceiling tiles. The building HVAC system consisted of high-efficiency ductless split systems and restroom exhaust fans with air relief dampers. The building plumbing system consisted of a gravity sewer system with septic tank and leach field, a 2-inch domestic water supply with reduced pressure principle backflow preventer, interior hot and cold-water supply with an electric water heater. The Electrical/Communications room was constructed to house the Main Power Distribution Panel, House Electrical Panel, and data/communications backbone-to-horizontal cabling infrastructure.

The site improvements included the extension of a domestic water supply consisting of the extension of the existing water distribution line with a 6-inch main water line adjacent to the VMU compound to serve a new fire hydrant and a 2-inch domestic water service line connected to the new building plumbing system. Data and Telecommunications for the VMU compound consisted of the installation of conduit connecting the existing telecom manhole. The medium voltage distribution extended from the existing to a new transformer location adjacent to the VMU compound. The VMU compound site lighting consisted of seven pole-mounted high-efficiency LED floodlight fixtures mounted on concrete pole bases. The VMU compound wind direction indicator consisted of the installation of an internally LED-lighted wind cone assembly mounted on a structural concrete base. Electrical panels and receptacles were provided throughout the VMU runway and compound area.