Civil Engineering Projects
Water Transport, Drainage, and Sewer

Water and Sewer Infrastructure, Wellton Station, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Wellton, AZ

GCE designed the water and sewer infrastructure for the Wellton CBP Station. GCE designed and managed the construction of a water distribution main to supply domestic water and fire protection water from the Town of Wellton to the new station complex. The waterline project included 1.5 miles of 16-inch diameter water main, with all associated fire hydrants and water valves. GCE designed the system to ensure adequate water pressure for the new station and performed water-flow testing to ensure the existing pressures met design specifications.

GCE’s team also designed and permitted the On-site Wastewater Treatment System to collect domestic wastewater from the station, dog kennel, fuel island, and the maintenance shop. The final design included 1,300 linear feet (LF) of 8-inch diameter sewer pipe, sewer manholes, cleanouts, a 22,500-gallon septic tank, and 1,200 LF of pressurized leach lines.

In addition, GCE designed and permitted a surface impoundment to handle the effluent from the vehicle wash area. The design included sewer piping, oil/water separator, pump tank sampling port, and infiltration bed.

GCE ensured all special inspections were conducted including structural masonry, steel, welding, bolting, reinforced concrete, and exterior insulation and finish systems inspections. In addition, GCE facilitated all the materials testing for Quality Control of concrete, aggregate base, and soil compactions.